Evil Dead Rise: The Movie That Will Make You Wish You Stayed Home

Evil Dead Rise trailer

Hey, horror fans! Are you ready for another round of blood, guts and gore? Because Evil Dead Rise is here to satisfy your cravings for some demonic mayhem. Evil Dead Rise is the latest entry in the legendary Evil Dead series, which has been scaring and entertaining us since 1981. But this time, there’s a twist: instead of a cabin in the woods, we have an apartment in the city. And instead of a group of friends, we have two sisters who haven’t seen each other in years. Beth and Ellie are about to have a family reunion they’ll never forget, thanks to a creepy book they find in the basement. You know what that means: evil spirits, possessed bodies and a lot of chainsaw action. Will they survive the night? Will they mend their broken bond? Will they ever get rid of that book? Find out in my review of Evil Dead Rise!

Evil Dead Rise movie
Evil Dead Rise

The film is written and directed by Lee Cronin, who was handpicked by the original creator Sam Raimi. Cronin does a decent job of updating the story for a modern setting and adding some new twists and scares. The film also pays homage to the previous films with references and easter eggs that fans will appreciate.

Plot Summary

Evil Dead Rise horror movie
Evil Dead Rise

The film begins with Beth, a journalist who is tired of her job and life in New York. She decides to visit her sister Ellie, who lives in Los Angeles with her three kids: Bridget, Danny, and Kassie. Ellie is a single mother who works as a nurse and struggles to make ends meet. She lives in a rundown apartment building that is owned by Mr. Fonda, a creepy landlord who has a secret stash of occult books in the basement.

Beth arrives at Ellie’s place and tries to reconnect with her sister and her nieces and nephews. She also meets Caleb, a friendly neighbor who has a crush on Ellie. Meanwhile, Bridget finds the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, the Book of the Dead, in the basement and reads a passage from it. This awakens an evil force that possesses Bridget and starts to spread to other people in the building.

Beth and Ellie soon realize that something is wrong with Bridget and that they are trapped in the building with no way out. They have to fight against the demons that want to kill them and their family. Along the way, they encounter other survivors, such as Noah, a security guard who knows about the book; Scott, a cop who tries to help them; and Jake, a homeless man who lives in the basement.

The film culminates in a bloody showdown between Beth and Ellie and the possessed Bridget, who has become the leader of the deadites. Beth and Ellie have to use their wits and weapons to survive and save their family from the evil dead.

My Opinion

Think horror Evil Dead Rise movie
Evil Dead Rise

I’m a big fan of horror movies You know I love a good scare, and I was pumped to watch the latest Evil Dead movie. I mean, come on, who doesn’t enjoy watching people get possessed by demons and chopped up by chainsaws? I’ve seen all the other movies in the franchise, and I was wondering if this one would live up to the legacy.

The Good

The film has a lot of gore and violence, which is expected from an Evil Dead movie. The special effects are mostly practical and look realistic and gruesome. The film doesn’t shy away from showing blood, guts, and severed limbs. Some scenes are very intense and disturbing, so be prepared for that.

The film also has some humor, but not as much as the previous films. The tone is more serious and dark, which works for some parts but also makes the film less fun and memorable. The film could have used more of the trademark wit and campiness that made the franchise so popular.

The film has a good cast of actors who do a good job of portraying their characters. Lily Sullivan and Alyssa Sutherland play the sisters Beth and Ellie, who have different personalities and backgrounds but have to work together to survive. They have good chemistry and show some emotional depth. The supporting actors are also good, especially Gabrielle Echols as Bridget, Ellie’s rebellious teenage daughter who becomes a badass demon fighter.

The film has a fast pace and doesn’t drag on too long. It has some twists and surprises that keep you interested. The film also has a satisfying ending that wraps up the story well and leaves room for more sequels.

The Bad

The film has some flaws and doesn’t reach the heights of the original films. The plot is not very original or creative, as it follows the same formula of finding a book, reading it aloud, unleashing demons, and fighting them off. The film doesn’t offer anything new or innovative to the genre or the franchise.

The film also lacks character development and motivation for some of the characters.For example, we don’t know much about Beth and Ellie’s past and why they are estranged. We also don’t know why Mr. Fonda has the book in the first place and what he plans to do with it. Some of the characters’ actions and decisions are also illogical and inconsistent, such as reading from a book that clearly says “Do not read” on the cover.

The film also has some plot holes and inconsistencies that are hard to ignore. For example, how did the book end up in the basement when it was supposed to be buried in a forest? How did the demons manage to lock all the doors and windows in the building? How did some characters survive being stabbed, shot, or burned?


Overall, Evil Dead Rise is an ok horror movie that delivers on the gore and scares that fans expect from the franchise. It has some flaws and doesn’t reach the heights of the original films, but they should have left it in the cabin. It’s still an enjoyable watch for horror lovers.

I give it a 6 out of 9.

Thank you for reading my review of Evil Dead Rise. I hope you found it helpful. If you did, please share it with your friends and follow me for more reviews on horror movies and Evil Dead Rise. I appreciate your support and feedback. Until next time,

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