Why You Should Watch Gremlins Again (Or For The First Time)

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Imagine you’re at the movie theater with your date when you notice something odd. The popcorn you bought from the concession stand is moving. You look closer and see tiny eyes, ears, and teeth poking out of the kernels. You realize that they’re baby gremlins, They’re hungry, angry, and ready to cause trouble. What do you do? Do you scream and alert the staff? Do you throw the popcorn away and pretend nothing happened? Or do you feed them more and watch them multiply? Me, I’d toss them into the projector and watch them burn. Or maybe I’d just eat them and see how they taste.

Speaking of Gremlins, it’s a movie that I grew up with and that I still love to this day. It tells the story of Billy Peltzer, a young man who gets a strange and adorable pet called Gizmo for Christmas. Gizmo is a mogwai, a rare and exotic animal that comes with three rules: don’t expose him to water, don’t expose him to bright light, and don’t feed him after midnight. Of course, Billy breaks these rules and unleashes a bunch of gremlins, wicked and wild creatures that cause chaos and destruction in his town.

Gremlins Gizmo
Gremlins Gizmo

Gremlins (1984) is a movie that has everything: humor,comedy, action, romance, drama, and even a bit of social commentary. It is also a movie that has some of the most memorable scenes and characters in cinema history. Who can forget the gremlins singing along to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in a movie theater? Or the gremlin leader Stripe attacking Billy with a chainsaw? Or the sweet and brave Kate telling Billy about her tragic Christmas story? Or the hilarious cameo by Chuck Jones, the legendary animator of Looney Tunes?

Gremlins is also a movie that is full of fun facts and trivia. For example, did you know that Gizmo was originally supposed to turn into Stripe, the main villain of the movie? Steven Spielberg, who produced the movie, decided to keep Gizmo as a good guy because he thought he was too cute to be evil. Or did you know that Howie Mandel, the comedian and host of Deal or No Deal, provided the voice of Gizmo? Or that the movie was originally rated R for its violence and gore, but was toned down to PG after Spielberg intervened?

Gremlins movie
Gremlins movie

Gremlins is a movie that you should watch again if you have seen it before, or for the first time if you haven’t. It is a movie that will make you laugh and scream, but also warm your heart. It is a movie that celebrates the spirit of Christmas in a twisted way. It is a movie that you will never forget.

I hope you’re ready for some fun and mischief because Gremlins is a movie you don’t want to miss. Just make sure you follow the rules: no bright light, no water, and no feeding after midnight. Or else… well, you’ll see. I had a great time watching this movie and I hope you will too. And please share your thoughts with me in the comments

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