The Top 10 Horror Movies on Netflix That Will Make You Squeeze Your Bladder

The Top 10 Horror Movies on Netflix, are you a twisted freak who likes to mix laughter and bloodshed? Do you get a kick out of watching senseless chumps get tormented by demonic forces and fight back with whatever crap they can find? Do you love cheesy puns and over-the-top heroes? If you said yes to any of these questions, then congratulations. You have a sick sense of humor and Netflix has just the thing for you. Here are 10 fun horror movies on Netflix that you can binge right now.

His House (2020)

Horror Movies on Netflix

Imagine being a refugee who escapes from a war-torn country, only to find out that your new home is haunted by a vengeful spirit that wants you dead. That’s the premise of His House, a critically acclaimed film that will make you question your sanity and your humanity. His House is a terrifying and poignant film that explores the themes of trauma, guilt, and survival.

The Haunting of Hill House (2018)

Horror Movies on Netflix

If you love haunted house stories, you can’t miss this miniseries based on the classic novel by Shirley Jackson. The Haunting of Hill House tells the story of the Crain family, who lived in a cursed mansion as children and are still tormented by its ghosts as adults. The series switches between past and present, revealing the secrets and tragedies that shaped their lives. The Haunting of Hill House is a masterful blend of horror, drama, and mystery that will keep you hooked until the end.

It Follows (2015)

It follows on netflix

What if having sex could kill you? That’s the premise of It Follows, a unique and original film that puts a twist on the slasher genre. After having sex with her new boyfriend, Jay learns that she has inherited a curse that makes her the target of a relentless entity that can take any human form and will kill her unless she passes it on to someone else. It Follows is a tense and atmospheric film that plays with the conventions of horror and sexuality.

Creep (2014)

Creep on Netflix

Can answering a classified ad put you on the front page of the obituaries? Well, you might end up like the protagonist of Creep, who gets hired by a man who claims he wants to document his final days before he dies of cancer. However, as the filming progresses, he realizes that his employer is a disturbed and dangerous individual who has sinister intentions for him. Creep is a darkly humorous and unsettling film that will keep you guessing until the end.

Under the Shadow (2016)

Under the shadows on netflix

Under the shadow is Set in Tehran during the Iran-Iraq War, this film follows a mother and daughter who are trapped in their apartment as bombs fall outside. As if that wasn’t scary enough, they also have to deal with a supernatural force that has invaded their home and threatens to possess them. Under the Shadow is a gripping and terrifying film that combines political and personal horror.

Cam (2018)

Watch cam on Netflix

This film centers on Alice, an online cam girl who discovers that her identity has been stolen by a mysterious doppelganger who is broadcasting from her account. As Alice tries to regain control of her life and career, she uncovers a dark web of secrets and lies behind the online sex industry. Cam is a smart and stylish film that explores the themes of identity, technology, and exploitation.

The Ritual (2017)

Watch the Ritual on Netflix

This horror movie follows four friends who go on a hiking trip in Sweden to honor their deceased friend. However, they soon find themselves lost in a dense forest that harbors an ancient evil that stalks them at every turn. The Ritual is a tense and atmospheric film that delivers some effective scares and stunning visuals.

Fear Street Part 3: 1666 (2021)

Fear Street part 3 trailer

The final installment of the Fear Street trilogy takes us back to 1666, where we learn the origin of the curse that has plagued Shadyside for centuries. As we witness the events that led to the witch hunt and the creation of the killer cycle, we also see how they connect to the present-day characters who are trying to end it once and for all. Fear Street Part 3: 1666 is a satisfying conclusion to the ambitious and entertaining horror saga.

Ravenous (2017)

This French-Canadianh9l horror film depicts a zombie apocalypse in rural Quebec, where a group of survivors try to fend off the flesh-eating hordes. However, they soon realize that there is more to the zombies than meets the eye and that they may have a chance to communicate with them. Ravenous is a refreshing and original take on the zombie genre that mixes horror, comedy, and drama.

Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)

Top 10 Horror Movies

This prequel to Ouija tells the story of how the evil spirit Zozo came to possess the board game and terrorize its users. Set in 1967, the film follows a widowed mother and her two daughters who run a scam seance business using a Ouija board. However, when they unwittingly unleash Zozo into their home, they have to face their worst fears and fight for their lives. Ouija: Origin of Evil is a surprisingly good horror film that improves on its predecessor in every way.

Honorable mentions:

  • Unfriended (2015): A group of friends are haunted by an unknown hacker who reveals their secrets and forces them to play deadly games over Skype.
  • Day Shift (2022): Jamie Foxx stars as a hard-working pool cleaner who moonlights as a vampire hunter in this upcoming horror comedy.
  • The Babysitter (2017): A teenage boy discovers that his hot babysitter is part of a satanic cult that wants to sacrifice him in this hilarious horror comedy.
  • Crimson Peak (2015): Guillermo del Toro directs this Gothic romance about an aspiring writer who marries a mysterious aristocrat and moves into his haunted mansion.
  • The Mist (2007): Based on Stephen King’s novella, this film follows a group of people who are trapped in a supermarket by a deadly mist that conceals monstrous creatures.
  • The Platform (2019): This Spanish film depicts a dystopian prison where inmates are fed by a platform that descends from floor to floor, creating a brutal hierarchy based on hunger.
  • Zombieland (2009): This horror comedy follows four survivors who travel across America in search of safety and Twinkies during a zombie outbreak.
  • Paranormal Activity (2007): This low-budget film launched one of the most successful horror franchises of all time by using found footage to document the haunting of a young couple’s home.

You’ve just seen The Top 10 Horror Movies on Netflix that will make you scream like a banshee. Which one are you brave enough to watch first? Tell me in the comments below! And don’t you dare miss out on more posts like this one – follow me for more horror.

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