Wrath of Becky: The Horror Movie That Will Change Your Perception of Innocence

You thought she was just a sweet little girl who loved her teddy bear. But you were wrong. She has a dark secret that will make you scream. And she’s coming for you. The Wrath of Becky is coming soon to a theater near you. This movie is the follow-up to the 2020 smash hit Becky, where a 16-year-old girl kicked some serious Nazi butt. Now she’s back for more, and she’s not messing around. This movie has it all: explosions, jokes, blood, and a teenage hero who can take down a whole army of fascists. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one. It’s like Home Alone meets Inglourious Basterds, but better.😉

What is The Wrath of Becky about?

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The Wrath of Becky picks up two years after the events of Becky, where we saw our protagonist survive a brutal attack by a gang of Neo-Nazis led by Kevin James (yes, that Kevin James). Becky, played by the amazing Lulu Wilson, is now living with an older woman named Elena, who shares her love for dogs and art. But their peaceful life is shattered when another group of villains, known as the Noble Men, break into their home, assault them, and kidnap Becky’s dog Diego.

Becky is not one to take things lying down. She grabs her trusty backpack full of weapons and sets out to rescue Diego and get revenge on the Noble Men. Along the way, she encounters some familiar faces from the first movie, as well as some new allies and enemies. She also learns more about the mysterious organization behind the Noble Men and their sinister plans.

Who are the stars of The Wrath of Becky?

The Wrath of Becky features a stellar cast of actors who deliver both hilarious and horrifying performances. Lulu Wilson returns as Becky, and she is even more fierce and funny than before. She shows us how Becky has grown as a character, but also how she still struggles with her trauma and anger. Wilson also serves as an executive producer on the film, along with Seann William Scott.

Scott plays Darryl, the leader of the Noble Men and the main antagonist of the film. Scott is best known for his comedic roles in movies like American Pie and Role Models, but he proves he can also play a menacing villain with a twisted sense of humor. He is a worthy adversary for Becky, and their scenes together are full of tension and wit.

The film also features Matt Angel as Sean, one of Becky’s old friends who helps her in her quest; Courtney Gains as Twig, a creepy henchman of Darryl; Aaron Dalla Villa as DJ, a hacker who works for the Noble Men; Michael Sirow as Anthony, a former FBI agent who joins forces with Becky; Denise Burse as Elena, Becky’s foster mother; Jill Larson as Darryl Sr., Darryl’s abusive father; and Kate Siegel as Agent Kate Montana, an FBI agent who is on the trail of the Noble Men.

Why should you watch The Wrath of Becky?
The Wrath of Becky horror movie

The Wrath of Becky is a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. It is a perfect blend of horror and comedy, with plenty of gore and laughs. It is also a movie that celebrates female empowerment and friendship, as we see Becky overcome her fears and find her strength.

The film is directed by Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote, who also wrote the screenplay based on a story by themselves and Nick Morris. They did a great job of expanding the world and the characters of Becky, while also paying homage to the original film. They also added some clever twists and surprises that will shock and delight you.

The Wrath of Becky might be one of the best horror movies of 2023, and one of the most fun movies you’ll see this year. It is a sequel that surpasses its predecessor in every way. Don’t miss it when it hits theaters on March 11th.

How to watch The Wrath of Becky?

The Wrath of Becky premiered at the South by Southwest film festival on March 11th², where it received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. It will be released in theaters nationwide by Quiver Distribution on May 26th. You can buy your tickets online or at your local AMC Theatre.

If you haven’t seen the first movie yet, don’t worry. You can catch up on Becky on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video before watching The Wrath of Becky. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

If you like horror and comedy, you’ll love The Wrath of Becky: the horror comedy that will make you scream with delight – or delight with scream! This movie is a riot of fun and fright: you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll scream, you’ll die. Well, not really. But Becky will make sure her victims do. She’s not your typical horror villain. She’s smart, she’s sassy, she’s savage. And she’s out for revenge. So don’t miss this chance to see The Wrath of Becky.

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